About Us

Christina Jones


Opening Sac Pilates is a dream come true for Christina and exemplifies the old adage "life is full of surprises”. It was a spinal injury four years ago that eventually led Christina to Pilates as a form of physical rehabilitation. Strengthening her core brought relief to her chronic back pain. Before long, Pilates became a passion that has brought many positive changes to her life. Christina is STOTT Pilates trained and is continuing her education and certification through their comprehensive program.  Prior to opening the studio, Christina spent more than 20 years working for the state Legislature and in politics.

Luann Garvey-Jenkins

Lead Instructor and Studio Manager

Luann Garvey-Jenkins is a certified Stott Pilates instructor since 2001. Luann is an accomplished group exercise instructor with over thirty years of professional experience. She has additional education and training with Injuries and Special Populations and Athletic  Conditioning. For 15+ years Luann was the Group Exercise Director for Chico Sports Club and  Physical Education Associate Faculty at Butte College.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from California State University, Chico. 

Luann was born and raised in Old  Saybrook Connecticut. She is married, has two sons and a very loyal lab. Luann's goal as an instructor is to empower and inspire her clients to live a healthy, very full life.


Intensive Reformer

Advanced Reformer

Intensive Chair, Cadillac & Barrel

Injuries and Special Populations


Johnny G Spinning

Jonna Edwinson

Jonna is a ten year ACE certified fitness instructor in the Sacramento Community. She is educated with Balanced Body in all levels of Mat, Reformer I, II, and III. With a background in dance, Jonna is a certified Balletone instructor and teaches a variety of barre and ballet Pilates formats. 


Pilates Mat

Pilates Reformer I, II, and III

Certified Balletone Instructor 

Vicki Britt

Originally from Massachusetts, Vicki has been teaching Pilates since 2005.  She received her Pilates Mat certification through Pilates Coach and her Pilates apparatus training through Balanced Body University.  She is also a certified Les Mills BodyFlow instructor.  Growing up in a family-owned gym, fitness has always been a part of Vicki’s life.  After years of dance training and performing, Vicki connected instantly with Pilates and was hooked after taking her first Pilates class.  Her passion for movement and her own rehabilitation after an injury lead to her decision to become an instructor.  Vicki says teaching Pilates is “highly rewarding” and believes through Pilates, one can increase strength, flexibility, coordination and body awareness to gain an overall healthier lifestyle. 


Pilates Mat

Pilates Reformer I, II and III

Trapeze Table, Chair and Barrels I, II and III

Les Mills Body Flow

Lindsey Kern

A recent Sacramento transplant, Lindsey comes from Reno, NV with twelve years of Pilates instruction experience.  She holds a Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration from the University of Nevada, Reno. Her Pilates training includes Ellie Herman Pilates Institute and The Pilates Coach. In her free time, you can find Lindsey in the kitchen whipping up a nice meal, hiking with her pup, or in the mountains skiing/snow-shoeing in the winter. 

Mari Minamide

Mari has been teaching Pilates for five years and practicing Pilates for thirteen years. Mari received her comprehensive certification from Balance Body in August 2015. She began practicing Pilates after a medical procedure to reconnect abdominal muscles and regain flexibility. Prior to Pilates, Mari was immersed in the world of architecture. There are elements of architecture that apply to Pilates; balance and symmetry in design and balance and counter-balance in construction.


Mari enjoys teaching Pilates to take part in the client’s journey to fitness, reducing pain or tension in their bodies, and overall body awareness. Pilates is about the art of movement. Movement is essential to staying young, healthy and strong.


"The mind, when housed within a healthful body, possesses a glorious sense of power."

Joseph H. Pilates, letter to clients, 1939


Pilates Mat

Pilates Reformer

Pilates Chair, Cadillac, and Barrel

Linsey Steiger

Linsey first tried Pilates about ten years ago in search of relief from neck and upper back tension, which was exacerbated by her career as a hair stylist. She really enjoyed the detail and precision of Pilates, as well the way it challenged her like nothing else, all while feeling completely safe.  After a several year hiatus from Pilates due to her move from The Bay Area to Sacramento, she went to a class on a whim, and immediately remembered why she loved this practice so much. In search of "the next thing" to learn, and to do for work, she jumped right into a comprehensive training program through Balanced Body. In addition to that primary education, Linsey has been involved with a program for movement teachers called Skillful Teaching, so she could dive deeper into her teaching, and bring as much value as possible to her students. She believes Pilates really is for everyone, because it can teach you so much about your body and what it is capable of. While many people end up coming to Pilates because of an ache, pain, or injury, Linsey sees it as a wonderful preventative tool to build strength, rectify imbalances, and refine your movements in every day life.

Lauren Byram

Lauren graduated from the University of California Santa Cruz with a B.A. in Psychology. She has a strong background in dance and after graduation found herself teaching dance classes at a local studio. Trying to find relief from a lower back condition that left her with chronic pain, Lauren looked to Pilates. It only took one class and she was hooked. From there her love for movement and the body flourished. Lauren is a BASI certified Mat and Apparatus instructor and has been teaching for a little over four years. She loves supporting individuals looking to achieve a healthier and more active lifestyle, both mentally and physically. Pilates has taken her from Santa Cruz to Boston and now back to her hometown, Sacramento. No matter where she ends up, her love for Pilates and passion for helping people stays constant.

Julie Lanocha

Julie began her Pilates career in New Hampshire in 2010. A lifelong horseback rider, she (and her horse) quickly noticed the unique benefits of a regular Pilates practice: improved posture, increased strength and flexibility, better proprioception. Soon she found herself driving to New York regularly to study with Linda Farrell of LindaFit Pilates. After receiving her mat certification, she continued her training in New York at the Kane School of Core Integration. In 2013, Julie moved to Sacramento and continued her equipment training with Balanced Body. Julie believes that being a good teacher means being a good student. Her ongoing love of learning has taken her to Boston for workshops with Eric Franklin, founder of The Franklin Method; The Pilates Center in Boulder Colorado; and to conferences around the country to learn from master teachers at various workshops.